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House Me Blog

Boomerang kids: Coping when the kids move back in.

‘Boomerang kids’ are the children that are returning home after a period of independence. This time period could have been for university or when they entered into their first serious relationship and have lived with... Read More

Make renting a transportable cabin your New Year's resolution

It's getting close to that time of year where people reflect on the year that's been and look ahead into the future. Facing a fresh start many people like to create a new commitment to themselves, a resolution to do... Read More

Need short-term accommodation in Auckland? Rent a cabin!

Accommodation in and near Auckland is in short supply, and if you can find somewhere it's likely to be expensive and requires you to sign a 12 months contract. This isn't ideal if you only want something for 6 months... Read More

Temporary farm worker accommodation explained

Providing your farm worker's accommodation onsite has many benefits for productivity, worker happiness, as well as increased efficiency. Not only do workers benefit from saving more money with the reduced cost of... Read More

How to increase Holiday Park revenue

Holiday parks, as well as motels and hotels across the country are seeing booking numbers rise as reservations soar. According to stats* from 2018, people spent a record number of nights in accommodation during the... Read More

Get your HouseMe unit on finance!

Borrowing the funds required to buy your HouseMe transportable home just got a lot easier thanks to HouseMe's new partnership with Squirrel! Read More

Keeping your cabin warm and dry this winter

Winter is well and truly here! So we thought it was a good time to give you some information to help you be as comfortable as possible in your cabin. To help keep it warm and dry, we’ve compiled a few helpful hints... Read More

How you can help your friends or whānau find their own rental

It can be really challenging to see your friends, loved ones and whānau struggle to find their own place. The rental market is really tough and houses are being snapped up really quickly. Not having your own space, or... Read More

Transportable accommodation units for holiday parks

Tourism is New Zealand's largest export industry and employs one in seven New Zealanders. Not only has it always been big business, but it is growing, both from international visitors and domestic holidayers. Key... Read More