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How portable are our Transportable Homes?

Transportable homes seems to be a title that should explain everything. After all, how confusing can the concept of a home that is transportable be? It turns out that the world of transportable homes is not as black... Read More

How to make the move & downsize your house into a tiny home

  Following on from our 'Big Buzz around Tiny Homes' blog featured a few weeks ago there have been a lot of people making the big transition to small home living. Over the years we carry a lot of clutter and almost... Read More

Top Tips - How to Style a Transportable Home

Living in a small house or an apartment is not about giving up space, but being selective with what you keep or buy and getting clever about how you store it.  Rather than see it as a life of saying 'no' to buying new... Read More

Top 8 uses for a transportable home

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Transportable homes are a great solution for New Zealand's housing crisis.  Affordable, accessible and well built, they enable kiwis to get a house they can call a home. Read More

What are transportable homes?

Buying a transportable home presents many benefits. Not only is it a low cost solution over buying and building a home but their temporary nature can also allow them to be an investment that adapts with your... Read More

Why choose the tiny house movement?

Put simply the tiny house movement is a growing social movement towards downsizing your living.  For many this is a lifestyle, a desire to live simply and without taking up more of a footprint than needed.  For others... Read More

How a portable second dwelling can make you money!

A second dwelling has some great potential. You might choose to use one as an extra sleep-out for growing teenagers, a relative or you might choose to use it for a second income. However you choose to use it there are... Read More

How much does a transportable home cost?

Buying a home may seem like an impossible task in today's market. With the average house price in Auckland having reached over $1,000,000 back in November of 2017 it might seem like home ownership is out of the reach... Read More

Our new HouseMe show home has arrived!

Realising your tiny home dreams is now even easier with the arrival of the latest HouseMe show home. Based in Papakura the show home is available to view on selected weekends and is the best place to see if tiny home... Read More

Tiny homes from $13,500

More and more Kiwi families are exploring the range of opportunities that tiny homes present. Simplified living, freedom and an escape from the rental trap it's getting easier for New Zealanders to own their own home... Read More